fingerless mittens and inspiration

by izabela

my last fair wasn’t the best for me money-wise

but lovely day and great event for meeting crafty people and friends

and chatting to potential customers

do you remember what i was making for the fair?

the mittens look fantastic in my opinion and they got loads of positive comments,

but didn’t sell any on the day

after the fair i got the order, from one of the ladies that saw them on my stall,


yes two, so one of them is already posted as the other pair is in custom colors




fingerless mittens with a rose

sent to a customer

have got more colors to come 🙂



by the way

are you on pinterest?

some time ago i joined and since then find inspiration from other people’s finds

and it is so easy to share what you like

and nice that you can follow people with similar interests and taste as you

so if you like to get inspired and like to share and pin things for future use

this is the site for you

oh and i find this site’s interface as very very friendly 🙂

check my pinterests too (still building it)






One Comment to “fingerless mittens and inspiration”

  1. They are lovely. I think it’s a sign of the times that lots of people don’t have so much money to spend.

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