etsy meet-up in london

by izabela

yesterday i went to london for the event organized by uk etsy

“jumpstart your creative enterprise with blurb, etsy and moo”

and i am so very glad i did, met some lovely artists and crafters i already knew

but also met some new friends

learned couple of new things, especially how to take better photos (but all the workshops were great)

and my shawl was photographed by alex brenner

as well as were other people and their makes on the event

i also was given some homework to do by alex which will be quite challenging for me…

i will definitely share the results ๐Ÿ™‚



meeting anda was great as she was speaking about how important branding is when running your shop

and she actually reminded me many things i already forgot since started my etsy challenge…


anda's workshop


there also was a little speech from people from moo and blurb

moo – they print your photos on minicards, postcards cute stickers and business cards and what is best you can

even have each card with different photo (i love it)

blurb – something i would love to make soon, design and print your own book, which could be a really

great gift to your family or as a beautiful memo book of the wedding day as they are superb quality books



we had some lovely time and there will be a book with photos from the event

with the photos of our makes



some of us stayed longer and together with a team and lead by

amity who does everything etsy in the uk

we end up having lovely vegetarian dinner at mildred’s

yes that was a lovely day indeed ๐Ÿ™‚






2 Comments to “etsy meet-up in london”

  1. hi izabala, it was great to meet you, and a great day in general. i’m disappointed i missed out on the vegetarian dinner though! hope to see you again soon! amy.

  2. It does look like you had fun and learnt lots too.

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