greys are interesting…

by izabela

there is still time to win a pair of my earrings

if you want to try to guess what i am making right now…

this post explains everything 🙂


if anyone thinks that greys are boring and lack of color

they are wrong

completely wrong


check my newest treasury

and enjoy 🙂

‘there’s got to be something in grey…’ by bluefishhandmade

…my feelings are grey today, there is no sun and there is no light,there must be something in this color to make me feel better…

Maximum Fringe Neck…


Arctic fox yielding…


Sterling Silver Itt…


Extra Small Moon Je…


Charcoal Grey L/S S…


Modern Silver on Gr…


Crocus, 5×5 Fine Ar…


Cotton Jersey Neckl…




Hammered Heart Earr…


Ripple cape/skirt (…


Raw Pyrite Earrings


Victorian Corset Cu…


Zombie Skeleton Sha…


Sterling – Merino/C…


Sweet Teardrop Lock…


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One Comment to “greys are interesting…”

  1. I love greys because they have such a wide range of color. They can be dove, warm, cool, a bit of yellow. Every color imaginable can go into grey.

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