flickr favorites… what touches your senses…

by izabela

this week’s flickr favorites is done by theme, mitsy shares her favorites here on artmind blog and we are all invited to do the same


the theme is about what make us melt, what touches our senses and gives us goosebumps…

anything about the children makes me smile, move my heart, i get all gooey inside and i so wanted to make that happy feeling mosaic, that makes you give hugs and kisses to a baby,

the child being born, laughing child, crying child, happy one and hungry one touch my senses so much…

1. Andong Village School, Cambodia – Sleep can curb hunger, 2. Smoky Mountain, Tondo – Child’s Work, 3. End Child Poverty Rally, 4. Child Poverty in Romania, 5. Water is life!, 6. THE TEA PICKERS — Child Labor in Old Japan, 7. Sad Child, 8. Mountain Children of Pakistan #2, 9. All out-of-school children must be considered child labour-0001

but i just recently got a letter from a charity i support, water aid, that they are facing rather hard time and i am planning to raise the monthly support i give because the most touching for me is always watching children living in poverty, hungry, thirsty, tired of work and i actually cried a minute ago as all the photos i used here made my tears go down, just like that, so a child is always the first to give me that feeling,

endless subject here

please consider this a little


3 Comments to “flickr favorites… what touches your senses…”

  1. I think you have touched a very delicate issue here. You are so right, there are so many people, children, living without running water… It’s so sad.
    Your mosaic is really touching!

  2. i am moved and touched and thinking about a whole bunch of things. this is powerful. well done. thanks for sharing:)

  3. I so feel your moving mosaic. Children are so honest and open and really know how to touch your heart. I wish children worldwide would have the same opportunities. It is so sad to see so many of them have to struggle in life. It makes me sad too. Your mosaic is beautiful.

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