flickr favorites – slug as a model

by izabela

to get my mojo going and to get back to reality in this busy time i need to find time to post, i missed posting so much but i made a promise to myself that no posting through all holidays

but I am back and there is my latest mosaic with great photos – i don’t really know if to like the subject or not because i hate them in the garden but they make such a wonderful photo models, have a look yourself

slugs 🙂


1. misty slug, 2. Slug Macro, 3. Slug, 4. Sea Slug

and you can go and see more favorite flickr photos here – artmind’s blog

make your own mosaic and share it too…


4 Comments to “flickr favorites – slug as a model”

  1. They are fantastic models but you’re right it’s an absolute nightmare for the plants. The sea slug is kinda cute, I like his little orange tentacles thingies 🙂

  2. The macros look lovely. Your mosaic reminds me of childhood, when I used to take care of the snails making a home on our apple tree in the garden. People called me strange 🙂

  3. OMG, I’m SOOOO afraid of snails! I just needed to scroll down reaaaaalllllllyyy fast so that I didn’t have to look at them.
    I got goosebumps and they made me run away from my computer… but I wanted to leave a comment! LOL dilemmas…
    Sorry I don’t really enjoy your mosaic this week – nothing to do with you – great to have you back and I hope you had a fun holiday! 🙂

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