flickr favorites – crochet and car

by izabela

my favorites are all about my favorite thing today and the car, i am going to start driving lessons soon (yes i don’t have driving license at all) so it makes me a bit scared and thinking about it at least ten times a day…


photo mosaic

1. crocheted car, 2. Crocheted car, 3. in my car. driver seat. i made this wheel cover with tunisian crochet hooks., 4. Crocheted Smart Car

if you want to make your mosaic and share it with others please do and the best way to do it is to go to big huge labs, make it and visit artmind’s blog and share the link to your mosaic 🙂

10 Comments to “flickr favorites – crochet and car”

  1. Your mosaic is great, so happy and colorful. If I ever get a car, I would like it to be covered in crochet, too!

  2. What a cool mosaic! I love it!

  3. Hi, I can’t believe it! Just found the crochet sleeved car in the net… and even post it in the Europeanstreetteam Thread and some minutes later, I head over to your flickr favourites… and what do I see?
    Good job :=) !

  4. Surprising combination!
    Good luck to your driving lessons 😉

  5. Wow both crocheted cars are fantastic, so much work! I really love the little crochet car, it’s so cute! Now I wish I could crochet 🙂

  6. great mosaic ! and by the way, I don’t have a driver license …..

  7. love your colorful choices! who knew you could add so much crochet to a car?! i might have to do hook up something for my steering wheel 😀

    oh, and sorry to hear about your camera… i know exactly how you feel 😦

  8. I used to love to drive but I don’t like it anymore. I prefer taking my bike out and feel the wind rather then the blower in the car.
    However, I’m so glad to be able to pick up the car whenever I need it – it’s a bit of freedom… Goodluck with your lessons & I hope you get one of those cars above – wowee! 🙂

  9. Gret Flickr finds! I love your crocheted wheel! Good luck with your driving lessons.

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