not nice things happen too

by izabela

today is the black day

the camera i had more than five years – decided to die

and it is not that it is something unexpected because if there is someone like my husband using my things, you can be sure that the life of it is going to be short… and what he said, you had it for so long… i am one those people that get really attached to things and really take care of things, but i couldn’t stop him to use it so i will have to say goodbye to my finepix  s5500 – beloved camera

it is going to be really hard to find another one like that

good i never let him touch my computer yet


that is all i wanted to say today, i am really hoping that there is someone who will understand this short post

me and my beloved camera


One Comment to “not nice things happen too”

  1. I am so sorry, I really hope you can get (and hide!) another one that you like so much x (though your crochet will ALWAYS be beautiful!

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