crochet filet

by izabela

yesterday we had a carnival in the town and we went out to spend a nice day out and plenty of money on raffles and competitions 🙂 and so we did, but then i saw a girl wearing fantastic black top with a crochet filet pattern print on and now i am only thinking of making one for myself, i didn’t ask (maybe i should) where she got it from, but it was really great, idea and how it was made

i just thought i will have a little look on the net what people make using crochet filet patterns and share it here


so please click if you want to find out more about them


crochet top found on polyvore


pattern for crochet filet nightgown


pattern for table cover


top from some blog


pattern for a baby cardi


pattern for crochet shawl


stitch diagram


great idea for recycling old t-shirt


vintage crochet books


vinatge crochet patterns


crochet cuffs by twoknit


of course this is not everything i want to share but most of the photos i have in my collection dont have an owner i could link to so i am not going to, but trust me – there are amazing things there what you can use filet crochet for and this post will continue…



4 Comments to “crochet filet”

  1. ooohh i really love that last picture with the crochet cuffs – so pretty.

  2. Filet crochet looks so pretty.

  3. Those cuffs are gorgeous. Can you make those?

  4. That last photo is GORGEOUS, I want cuffs like that!

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