beret and a very nice and bright necklace

by izabela

when there are times like this, when i feel like i am not bothered anymore everything takes longer than normally, there are still things to make and send and all the surprises happen like running out of yarn when finishing a beret or colors not really matching like you want… the only one advice is to finish what you have been doing and take nice photos and send it to a customer…

and then read your emails and get your smile back 🙂

“No sooner had I sent my email when your parcel arrived! Thank you – its lovely! I straight away decorated it with a butterfly brooch on the brim and am now sat here wearing it as I write.” – Rachel

“I just wanted to say thanks you for sending my gold coloured croched
hooped earings, I love them so much.” – Cheryl-ann

“i love love love my necklace. thank you so much. it is absolutely perfect. the colours, the length, the clasp, the whole experience. thanks izabela. xxxxxx” – Lynda

“Hi Izabela just thought i’d drop you an email thanking you for the beautiful earrings i bought from you yesterday at winchester craft fair, i gave them to my daughter who was very pleased, you have an amazing talent
many thanks” – Trevor

some photos 🙂

crochet flower necklace

crochet earrings

crochet beret

crochet earrings

crochet earrings

and how do you find your lost mojo?



4 Comments to “beret and a very nice and bright necklace”

  1. The necklace is very pretty. I love the bright colors!
    I have to step away from things to get my mojo back but kind words from people who appreciate your work definitely help. 🙂

  2. It mus tbe the season for it, mine has been gone for a while, but I think its on the return, I just stopped doing everything i had to and took some time out and just messed about with a hook and wool for a while, fingers crossed for all of us mojo lacking!

  3. I meant to say, those fab comments must help though!

  4. What lovely comments! Not surprised though- your stuff is beautiful. When my mojo has gone I try not to force it. It tends to come back of its own accord

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