my creative space

by izabela

curious how my desk looks recently and what is on the hook now?

more earrings, more jewellery, just finished beret and top and sent to customers


crochet flowers

crochet lace top

crochet beret

if you want to share your creative space please go to Kootoyoo and don’t forget to check all others too 🙂


11 Comments to “my creative space”

  1. nice, what pattern did you use for the little rounds?

  2. Oh wow, I really am only a beginner when I see work like this! They are fabulous! Well done!

  3. I love that top! What pattern is it? (Not that I’m patient enough to make something like that.)

  4. Wow I love those earrings – I’ve never seen crocheted earrings before – they are AWESOME!!! xx

  5. I love the top, it is beautiful.

  6. OMG I love your crochet. It’s so delicate. I.d so love to try this x

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  8. That drawer filled with your crochet looks so enticing and inspirational! I’m so jealous of your lightness of touch with a hook, so delicate!

  9. thank you all, for nice comments

    I use doily patterns for my earrings and a very fine thread, the top is from japanese crochet book,

    gtlady – I think your crochet is awesome and inspirational :), thanks

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