my creative space…

by izabela

I am sitting at home today as I thought I broke my toe, went to the hospital to check it and fortunately there is nothing broken, only badly bruised and will have to stay at home for a few more days… so I did make couple of flowers for the necklace i designed

work in progress - flower necklace

today is thursday so i am sharing my creative space photo with everyone at Kootoyoo’s blog, go and see more spaces and enjoy…

crochet necklace in progress

I finished a lovely turquoise necklace and pair of earrings which I am going to take with me to a We Make London craft fair next month and I hope some more in different colors too

so how do you like it?

flowery set - crochet earrings and necklace in turquoise cotton yarn


5 Comments to “my creative space…”

  1. I’ve added this new blog into my google reader list. Love the new necklace it works really well.

  2. I love this! Have such an inexplicabale obsession with turquoise.

    Great post.

    • thank you, I don’t know how it can be, blue was never my favorite color and I never wear it but I love to work with turquoise and plan to start wearing it 🙂

  3. the necklace looks amazing. good luck with it and don’t forget to post back how you go. i’m glad you’re ok.

    My Creative Space

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