flickr favorites…

by izabela

playing along with other artists and sharing most favorite photos from flickr… I am me and my photos are almost always very randomly chosen I hope they look ok together

My creation

1. poetica – wip, 2. fragments of nature #9 detail, 3. 🙂, 4. Untitled, 5. crochet covered sea glass clouds, 6. Lembrancinhas sachê para Simone!, 7. Lavender filled Mini Jumpers, 8. Puppy planter – from grandma’s house<3, 9. 0512

if you feel like making your own mosaic go to Big Huge Labs and then you can pop over to Artmind and share with us too…



4 Comments to “flickr favorites…”

  1. You have some great random favorites! I love the one with the heels.

  2. I love the heels as well, totally awesome style, wedges, short dresses, thanks for your comment x

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