by izabela

>I finally bought the bike I wanted for such a long time, my other bike is broken by G and needs fixing, but anyway it is trekking bike and has got something like 21 gears which I never used, so always wanted a bike with no gears

and here it is – free/fixed wheel bike, used but in a very good condition, just buying a brake blocks are old ones are worn, and the tyres are some cheap ones so I am gonna get new ones too…

after riding my bike all weekend I got really bad cold and I trying all my home medicines for adults, like hot beer with spices and milk with garlic and honey (yuk, but working perfectly)

and browsing ebay just for some crafty bits I found this and bought it straight away, I used to do some sculpting and carving, but G still does it and it is going to be very useful for kids too – just arrived…

some time ago I saw the very pretty scarf on one of the Polish crafty forums I visit and today I am trying to make it – just have no pattern so this is not an easy project (I tried already some time ago but couldn’t)


3 Comments to “>I GOT A BIKE…”

  1. >Cute bike, I like my six gears there are a lot of hills in my area.Hope you feel better soon.

  2. >Ooh, that scarf looks intreging, can't wait to see what you magic up this time! Good luck wit hthe craft fair in London, not that you'll need it I'm sure x

  3. >thank you – I hope so, this is one of the best events I am going to this year so as always big hopes x

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