by izabela

>but to be honest it is not a proper medicine, it is extract from a beetroot which suppose to be perfect for dry cough

I am not going to promise any miracles but it really works with my children, if they agree to have it ;P

my boys don’t like it but they do agree when I tell them to and my girl loves it so it isn’t very tasty for them, oh and it is with sugar so if you don’t use sugar you can’t make it as in this case you cannot use honey, (honey makes you cough even more, so when the cough is dry you would rather not to do it), I recently had to make it for my youngest because he got cold and I knew this is not allergy or nothing like that…

so of to the recipe…

Beetroot Tinctus
a natural homemade cough medicine (to stop dry cough)
  • one fresh beetroot
  • sugar

peel the beetroot, slice it quite fine, and start putting into a glass jar, covering each part with sugar, next cover it and put in warm oven or on radiator, for about three hours (you can shake it during this time couple of times)

ready medicine can be kept in a fridge for four to five days and take it at least three times a day and I am sure you could have it even every two hours if needed

the white content of the second jar is other homemade medicine, children love it and this works as well, but about that next time…



  1. >So I am guessing you cook the beetroot as normal first?I love beetroot. Yum!And I hate coughs. So perfect thing for me then.

  2. >My OH is really suffering at the moment so I just might try this.

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