by izabela

>I did not play with Mitsy for quite a while, but I love to share my finds too… check my recent favorite photos from flickr, things that make me feel great when I look at them and that inspire me…

my recent flickr favorites

1. African Fower Floribunda, 2. Untitled, 3. shop update, 4. in the works, 5. new medley tunic :: recovery, 6. Kadinela No.93a, 7. Curly Q Doily by Jo Ann Maxwell, 8. FS Swap: Storm cloud, 9. FS Swap: Red Tulips

if you want to make your own mosaic go to Big Huge Labs website and if you wish you can share it with all of us just add your link to the list on Mitsy’s blog




  1. >Aah, no worries about not playing – whenever you feel like it, you're welcome! :)I love the hexagon blanket but after my Babette, I've done enough sewing in threads for a bit! ;)The embroidered brooches are superpretty too!

  2. >Very crafty collection and a pair of the coolest shoes! Inspirational and colorful!

  3. >Oh, Izabela, I'm so honored that you selected my embroidered buttons to be included with so many other wonderful things! I can't believe how fantastic that doily is…what detail! Your mosaic is lovely!-Michelle

  4. >Ooooh. I can see why you added all of these to your favourites 🙂

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