by izabela

>what would you say about crochet, what is the most common thing crocheted in the world, if you crochet, what is the thing you started recently?
years ago the crochet was mostly used to create home deco items like doilies, throws, cushion covers, sometimes wearable things like capelets, baby bonnets…
and now the crochet can be everything, so it is everywhere, but still surprisingly fresh and uncommon…
i made this little mosaic to share artists that use crochet in not very common way and they are always my biggest inspiration…

i love crochet, any way and any time...

1. Omega Centauri Freeform Crochet Necklace Earrings, 2. akiko, 3. Untitled, 4. experiment 1
please visit those links if you like to be inspired and artists websites
Emma Lamb
Planeta Amigurumi

i am going to prepare a poll with above questions in next few posts here and i would like you to watch this space and live your answers for my poll if you can…
thank you



  1. >Lovely post. As a someone new to crochet – it is really lovely to see so many beautiful, new, creative things.

  2. >I'm also very new to crochet and this post has really opened my eyes to it's vast creative uses.Thanks for the links to the other inspiring blogs and looking forward to your next post.xxx

  3. >Wow, I love that necklace and earring set, so different and stunning, great idea for a post too!

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