by izabela

>just a thought – maybe some of you have favorite yarn to use, maybe more than one, or you know the best homespun yarn and would like to share experiences with that yarn, this can be the blog about this too…
so please sent me an email with your yarn review with your blog link or link to your blog post with a useful review and I will post it here with a credit to you and your link…
anyway I think I will be the first here:

Crazy Zauberball - sock yarn
Crazy Zauberball - sock yarn
zauberball by Schoppel Wolle - sock yarn

I fell in love with Zauberball yarn by Schoppel Wolle from Germany, I went to Stitch & Craft Show to London year ago and touched it and bought it and never regretted this – since then I bought many more from different suppliers and different shades and have some projects on the gomy stash
I started using Crazy Zauberball too, the difference between them two is only in color patterns and how the shades change…
first thing I made from it was this shawl, yarn is so nice and soft that I decided to make something you can wear close to your neck to feel all the advantages of it…

Rainbow Shawl - crochet wrap in rainbow colors
detail of the Rainbow Shawl - fillet crochet

this is a blend of virgin wool and nylon (polyamid) with proportions 75% to 25%
the other advantage should be that you can wash it in the washing machine at 40 degrees but I haven’t tried yet… just can’t imagine the risk of loosing the lovely shawl made of it, but the label says you can 🙂 (if you are the one who done it please let me know)
if you a raveler you can check here and here what other people are making using Zauberball and Crazy Zauberball yarn
I am lover of a plain colored yarn, but this just makes such a lovely surprising color patterns when working a triangle that my mathematical brain becomes a very happy brain…

so if you are interested in adding a review of the yarn, email me here

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