by izabela


today I would like you to have a look on creations made by Elin Thomas – that is my biggest inspiration and something I will never even try to repeat, no matter how much I love them… this is an art and happiness for my eyes and something you want to adore, like the little felted stone brooch decorated with tiny crochet adornments, the most amazingly created bracelet with so many surprises waiting for you when seeing each little piece of it, just think how much of an imagination and skills went into each piece and wouldn’t you just like to work having those mysterious mushrooms growing out of your pincushion?
I would like…
elin thomas - crochet art
you can also visit Elin’s blog to keep yourself updated on what’s new, get the most original and beautiful gift for someone special in your life and get inspired with this amazing art…

6 Comments to “>UNCOMMON CROCHET…”

  1. >Wow! those look so real! It's amazing how it looks just like coral.

  2. >Wow just doesn't seem enough of a word! Thanks for the link, i'm off to drool now!

  3. >I absolutely /love/ the pincushion… adorable!

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