by izabela

>not too long ago I had a couple of new ideas and totally new designs, then I thought I am just repeating myself making another triangular shawl (and another and another yet – which, by the way, was inspired by the table cloth I made for my mum ages ago and photo of this lovely shawl on raverly / non-raverly people can find it here, but made just from my head) and started seeing people not behaving nicely and copying my own, hard worked on, designs (and I mean copying, even taking the photos in exactly same way) with a note that this is their own design without even a word about inspiration (this is about my delicate necklaces, which were inspired by this lovely lady and her fantastic necklaces which I really didn’t want to copy so got my own idea of using vintage edging and doilies patterns to make my own ones), but today I finally made few things that where stuck to my brain for weeks, I wanted to do some crochet earrings – similar to the ones I am making already and that were inspired by all the other lovely crochet earrings we can see actually everywhere, only mine are much finer, this time they are colorful crazy crochet doilies made into earrings, not finished yet but here is a sneaky peek on them…

and got an itch to start making mini doilies from one of my Japanese crochet books and first ready one is just gorgeous… isn’t it? the next in progress is from Polish crochet magazine and is made from tiny motifs – I am not really sure what I will use them for but maybe they will be framed…

blessings to all and Happy Easter


4 Comments to “>NEW IDEAS…”

  1. >Oh they are beautiful, as always I might add!!

  2. >just visited your blog, please would you want to visit my blog again, I hope my blog will give you a new information, thank you

  3. >Wow! I can't even get my head around how you can crochet something soooo tiny. All gorgeous! Especially those blue hexagonal ones

  4. >Wow, they are stunning, your crochet is so fine I am in awe!

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