by izabela

>there is Palm Sunday today but I will not write about it at all…

just have to share a photo of my daughter’s summer gloves I am working on now, the design is almost same as my long opera gloves but without the pineapple pattern in the middle…

and how much I love that green color you can see on my nails as well 🙂

there is some progress on my latest triangular shawl, I mean it is almost finished and there is new one started in a lovely Indian Red shades and a very yummy yarn…

and some South African flowers – proteas – I got from work to keep you all happy 🙂

2 Comments to “>PALM SUNDAY…”

  1. >…ladne te rzeczy robisz :)….mam tez nadzieje,ze czytajac moje wpisy dotarlas na moim blogu do miejsca gdzie pisze o koniecznosci profilaktycznych badan biustu po 30 roku zycia ! :)pozdrawiam z krainy deszczowcow 🙂

  2. >You do beautiful work! I am a knitter primarily but every now and again I get a hankering to crochet..Debra @ Vegan Family Styleps. I am giving away a copy of FOOD INC. on my blog- contest ends Midnight 3/31

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