by izabela


…they are even finer and I used the tiniest crochet hook I have – 0.5, yarn is a mercerised cotton yarn in size 70,

how do you like them? because I think they are so much nicer then my other ones (made using 0.9 or 1.0 crochet hook)

recently sold my rainbow shawl so just made another one little bit different and today started new because someone ordered a set – matching mittens and shawl 🙂

and last photo of my son’s with long hair, now his hair is short…


5 Comments to “>NEW EARRINGS…”

  1. >Izabelo, podziwiam za dłubanie tak cienką nitką i małym szydełkiem, ja stanowczo wolę większy rozmiar :))), bardzo dziękuję za dodanie banerka, pozdrawiam

  2. >Lovely earrrings.Quite a while ago I was drawing a castle for one of the children, when suddenly I thought it would be niced to make crochet of it.So I took the smallest hook and ordinary black sowing threat.After it was finished, which took ages, I put it on white behind glass. People really need to put their nose near the glass to see it's crochet.Was fun to make.I didn't think of making earrings.They're lovely!

  3. >Your work is so intracate, very detailed. It must take absolute hours to do.I am sending you a blog award, check it out – http://www.lazydaisyglass.blogspot.comHave a good week

  4. >Love your work…so intricate & delicate!!! I wouldn't begin to try…I don't have the patience for such detailI love your son's hair long but he is a cutie so it doesn't matter the length!! When my son was about the same age/size he had hair a bit longer, it was great. My grandson is 12 and he has long hair…that fashion comes and goes!Cheers

  5. >beautiful earrings, you take great pictures too!

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