by izabela

>baskets, such a usual thing, is it really? I love baskets and I am in just making one little crochet basket so to get inspired had to see those amazing photos…

1. YET ANOTHER BABY IN A BASKET WITH A FAMILY ON THE MOVE in OLD JAPAN, 2. Beaded Basket, 3. Plarn Coiled Basket – in progress, 4. INVADERS FROM MARS — Basket Headed Creatures Invade Old Japan, 5. Contortionist Li Yeng, “The Basket Lady of Weijing Province”, 6. Wire Basket, 7. Felted Basket, 8. Basket Baby, 9. Colorful Basket

to make your own mosaic visit big huge labs and perhaps flickr like me, if you want to play together with me and Mitsy and many other photo lovers please visit her blog and share your mosaic…



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  1. >So original this mosaic with the baskets.. love it..!!

  2. >Ohh, I'm already inspired to make a crochet basket when I'm done with my ripple! Thanks for the inspiration! :)Make sure you show us yours when it's done! 😉

  3. >I love baskets! I have a few hand woven by my grandmother as a gift.

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