by izabela

>I went to see Alice In Wonderland with my bigger ones and I am really glad I did… I read a book few times when I was little and even once fell asleep reading it ha… but I really like all the stories with wizards, mysteries, dragons, swards, queens and all the creatures you can think of… so that was enjoyable but for me it could be much longer… and a Mad Hatter’s dance almost perfect 🙂

but hey just decided to finish a rug I started months ago (year ago? – can’t be that long) weaved in all ends and voila, now it is in a desired place covering all the cables from internet and home cinema… finally…

and as the Rainbow Shawl just went Australia I started new one but from totally different yarn, Noro Silk Garden Sock yarn, nice and warm, and colorful of course…

and I have some lovely seedlings growing in my kitchen – basil, tomatoes, sage, chilli… there will be more this year…



  1. >The colours of the shawl are gorgeous….I'm jealous….not sure if I'm good enough to crochet anything that big yet!I went to see the film on Sunday….the Mad Hatter was wonderful! nicki x

  2. >that scarf is so beautiful!! is it crocheted??i am going to start seedlings soon! can't wait to see what grows from yours.

  3. >Wow – what a sense of accomplishment! The rug is a work of art! Well done.

  4. >What a sense of accomplishment! The rug is a masterpiece!

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