by izabela

>there always has been this thought in my mind about selling what I make…
I don’t hear from people that my prices are too high and I am sure they are not I would rather say that they are too low but it is nice to sell things, isn’t it?

I price my creations to charge for the material and time spent on making it, but I only pay for my time the minimum wage, that isn’t fair at all, there are my skills as well, there is quality because each thing was carefully made by me not in a rush for quantity… there are cost of using my computer, electricity, heating, rent, there is more bills to the place you doing your business, there is craft insurance, time spent to take nice photos, time to do some free marketing online and anywhere I can…

ok so probably that isn’t everything yet (I pay taxes as well) but there is design as well, most of the things I sell started their existence in my head so they are totally OOAK… nobody pays me that…

I just want to tell you that seeing things created by hand and totally OOAK being sold for the wholesale price of the material or sold just because “I made it and don’t really know what to do with it” makes me sad, really sad… if I make something I put all my heart in it and if I don’t want to sell it for the real price I would just give it as a gift or to the charity, at least some people in need may benefit thanks that…

but well I want to say that I am totally with Lottie on that and would like to promote her Handmade Socks, Realistic Price, just because she is right…



  1. >Good thoughts. Thanks for giving me more to think about.Hugz, D'Ann

  2. >i totally agree Jez – and it really annoys me that people will pay £1000's for designer goods but not "hand-made" which is often more "designer" and artisan produced than the £1000 item – i hope i'm making sense here? i know what i mean!

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