by izabela

>time went quickly, too quickly…

but i taught my self to tat (as i just bought tatting shuttle) and it is so pretty little work, but really i don’t think i can be as good as i am in crochet – but i am definitely going to make something using this technique…

started a quick project from one of my Japanese books – bolero, this means more summer things to come 🙂

and made two more granny squares…

and there came this time of a year when my lovely orchids start to have flowers, some of them stayed till now from last year, i just love when they are flowering and the chocolate one did not have flowers last year because i didnt water it enough but it has survived… unfortunately i killed my best one 😥 which was recovered from a skip and had flowers every year (until last year) if you want you can have a look how lovely it was here


3 Comments to “>MY WEEKEND…”

  1. >What do you mean you don't think you'll be as good as you are in crochet? Tatting is SO easy it's just the SAME knot over and over and over! LOL! If you are just beginning and THOSE are some of your motifs you have great tension already! THAT is half the battle. I've seen work from some people who have been tatting for a while and their stitches are not as nice and even as yours! Your doing a great job already!!!~TattingChic ♥

  2. >Those first little guys are precious! Cool technique for sure.

  3. >I love your little tatted flowers. It seems you got a lot accomplished yesterday. Great job! Have you entered my giveaway yet?http://tallysplace.blogspot.com/2010/01/giveaway-finally.html

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