by izabela

>my today’s flickr favorites… check them out some people don’t like butterflies but I love them… especially now when I try to make some paper ones…

go to Mitsy’s blog and check more mosaics and if you feel like go here and make your own mosaic and share with others…

1. study in violet, 2. Robert Lang’s Butterfly, 3. Butterfly 1,1 by Artur Biernacki, 4. Butterfly – Robert Lang (Mothra?), 5. Butterfly, 6. Swallowtail Butterfly by Meguro Toshiyuki, 7. Swallowtail Butterfly (Design by Michael LaFosse), 8. Origami Butterflies, 9. Netflix Origami: (another) Butterfly


  1. >Awww, they all look so precious! It's amazing what you can do with a piece of paper isn't it?

  2. >Such lovely butterflies 🙂

  3. >What a cool origami mosaic! Love your crochet work!

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