by izabela

>I am going back to normal slowly and today was a day of Flickr Favorites on Mitsy’s blog, check out what are the best favorite photos by bloggers and artists here… and play along if you like here

why hearts? because I heart crochet 🙂

1. Crochet Along Hearts Around Doily, 2. Crochet Heart in Organic Cotton, 3. Hearts by Crochettes, 4. crocheted heart valentines card, 5. Free hearts pattern- Owlishly, 6. Love´s in the air!! Muuuitos corações!!!!, 7. ♥-slinger voor daan, 8. cappuccino heart, 9. Oi, tum, tum, bate coração…



  1. >I heart crochet too! My niece who is 12 loves hearts and has been asking me to crochet her one! 🙂 This certainly gives inspiration. 🙂

  2. >Awwww….they are all so sweet. Love it.www.dirksendabbles.blogspot.com

  3. >Lovely..! One of my goals this year is to learn to crochet..!!!

  4. >Oh I love to crochet to 🙂 Have never tried a heart and this has inspired me to create one! Lovely photos 🙂

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