by izabela

>I wasn’t here quite a while but today I decided to remind the blogosphere that I am still alive…

there is My Place & Yours meme on Pip’s blog and this week’s theme is: My Collection… how I like to collect things, only my family knows and now all of you – I love to collect and have silly collections all over the place…

the very me theme was chosen by Kate and if you want to find out more about her check this blog

but I would like to share with you my best collection – books about crochet and of course this are not just any crochet books, they must have the THING, this something what will make keep them πŸ™‚

some of them I want to get rid of soon, because I never use them and I haven’t got that much space… I love my crchet books, some of them are about more crafts than just a crochet…

I also collect vintage knitting and crochet patterns, why crochet? easy because I crochet a lot, why knitting? I do not know, perhaps this is the vintage photos of the babies maybe something else, but I have quite a collection…

and crochet magazines, I used to buy Benissimo which is no longer available in Poland or here… many Polish crochet magazines I buy always visiting my country, I am not showing more but I subscribed to interwave crochet and crochet inside and yarn forward… crazy I know…

and this is my son’s owl collection and I always make sure to keep it growing, thanks him I fell in love with owls as well…

and if you like to see more people’s places, visit Meet Me At Mikes



  1. >i LOVE collecting vintage craft books too..they're ssoo much fun to flick thru!!..and i LOVE your son's owl collection too :))

  2. >Your Vintage books are lovely, the new ones just aren't the same are they? Cute owls too, nice that you encourage your son to collect.

  3. >Oh my gosh! Never enough crochet books! Never enough owls! You have wonderful collections, Miss and I'm so glad you blogged about them too! Such cute owls! x

  4. >I am impressed by your dedication to magazine collecting. I, too, have a number of subscriptions, but at the end of the year I always look at my big magazine piles, cut out what I like and chuck the rest (apart from frankie, can never bring myself to cut up frankie). It would be lovely to have the room to keep them all on a bookshelf or just keep them in general.

  5. >yep. that definitely classifies as a collection. Impressive

  6. >I've got a bit of a vintage book collection myself, but I am mighty jealous of all those lovely patterns! What inspiration! Lovely post Izabella – glad you are back after your break. xx

  7. >I am an avid collector of vintage how-to books too! Nice to know I have company out there.

  8. >That's an amazing collection Izabela! I think it's all about the vintage photos on the front too! That's what attracts me to books and patterns etc. Thanks for visiting and leaving your lovely comment. πŸ™‚

  9. >Lovely collection of crochet books.I so feeling like browsing through each one of them.Would definitely make my day!

  10. >That is a huge collection of books. And we don't need to justify why we collect things, we are just drawn to certain things for reasons unknown. That's half the fun – thanks for sharing :0)

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