by izabela

we all know how to make simple cute crochet bow, don’t we…
but I wanted something a bit prettier so I made this one… you can make it as it is easy as well but looks so much like proper bow…

embellish your Christmas tree with it, or wrapped gifts, or sew it on your accessories or just pin to your hair…

here are instructions and I hope you like it…

1. ch 4
2. sc in 2nd ch from the hook, sc in next 2 ch, turn (3)
3. ch 1, sc in each sc, turn (3)
4 – 8. rep r 3 (3)
9. ch 4, dc in last sc, turn (making loop)
10. ch 1, sc in dc, sc in next 2 ch, turn (3)
11. ch 1, 2 sc in 2nd stitch from the hook, sc in next sc, 2 sc in last sc, turn (increasing – 5)
12. ch 1 sc in each sc across (5)
13 – 17. repeat row 12 (5)
18. ch 1, sc in 3rd stitch from the hook, sc in next sc (skip 1 sc), sc in the last sc, turn (decreasing – 3)

19 – 28. rep from r 9 to 18,
29. rep r 9
30. rep r 10
31 – 36. rep from 3 – 8

weave in all loose ends

take one end and pull it through middle loop…
then take other end and pull it through opposite loop…
you can pull it as well through middle one, it doesn’t really matter… it is going to look nice…

embellish with buttons, beads or…
just add it to wherever you need



8 Comments to “CUTE CROCHET BOW…”

  1. >thank you for visiting my blog!x

  2. >That's super cute! I see a garland of bows on my Christmas tree… thanks 🙂

  3. >These are beautiful, and so simply elegant. Many, many thanks – I can't wait to use up all those little end bits of yarn to make bows. And I think I could teach my 10 year old to make these too.

  4. >Hi,Could pattern for broaches be acquired?jusosully@gmail.comMuch thanks.

  5. >I must be incredibly stupid but cant work out how to tie them up- why are there 3 holes? I only seem to need 2!

  6. >hi Anonymous – I don't think you incredibly stupid, but you are definitely rude, asking questions as a anonymous isn't nice for anyone,anyway I should have added the sentence saying that there is three holes only because it makes it easier to fit them together and as I am perfectionist I really don't like any unneeded bumps or problems with fitting, if that third hole wasn't there I would get questions on how to fit the last end not to let it move, that third one makes it stay in one place without any need for sewing ;)at least I think so…thank you for attention and asking questionsto other Anonymous – with an email – unfortunately I don't have other patterns for free at the moment, maybe in the future…I.

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