by izabela

>I just decided to take part in the competition on Folksy and do something to help raise money for Sue Ryder Care…

I can tell you why I love this project – we have to make something from second hand finds which makes it all very exciting… and then there will be judging time and then auction…

all the details for the competition you can find here, but here is the other most exciting part:

Entries will be judged on the following criteria and a winner will be awarded in the following ‘categories’:
  • 1. most innovative piece
  • 2. quality of craft work / ‘craftsmanship’
  • 3. best use of materials
  • 4. ‘appeal’ which kinda means playfulness / fun
  • 5. people’s choice – your favourite items as chosen by number of favourites the item receives on Folksy!

There will be a winner chosen from each of the categories. Winners get to showcase their portfolio in the Sue Ryder Care Camden store for one month from the middle of Jan to the middle of Feb in a specially constructed Folksy set. This store is being refurbished over Christmas and will come back in the New Year as a wonderful space to exhibit your work.

so keep watching this space as I have a little idea what I am going to make but just need to find the right t-shirt in a local charity shop…

oh and if you are on Folksy you will be able to vote for your favorite entry, check them out here


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