by izabela

>this is my working space today…

…so many things want to be finished, they are almost ready, Handm@de Oxford soon… eeeeh…


and there comes a little questionnaire to my readers if they don’t mind to answer:

  • – Do you like my freshly designed mittens/wristwarmers?
  • – Do you like them simple as they are?
  • – Would you like them more if they had a flower in a contrasting color?
  • – Or a tiny bow?

please leave a comment and answer as many questions as you can πŸ˜‰

and here are the mittens:



  1. >They are cute but personally I would buy them if they had a funky flower or button on them.

  2. >thank you for your answerx

  3. >i like them but think a row of three black buttons would look nice because they kinda remind me of spats if you see what i mean?

  4. >I love them and although I've had my eye on a woolly pair of gloves that have flowers…it's quite refreshing to see something without all the frills!Shorter than what I'd normally go for too but again I'm actually loving the quirkiness. They're like dainty woolly biker gloves πŸ™‚

  5. >vV I know what you mean, I never did any with buttons yet, so definitely going to try, thank you for the tip…Spoilt – I am still making my normal ones with flowers and frills, but you guessed they not only suppose to look like biker gloves… I just wanted to make some different πŸ™‚

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