by izabela

>I don’t have a place now what I could call this as I just recently moved from my old computer to a new shiny MacBook and then I normally blog on the sofa keeping it on my laps, but I tried to take a photo because really like to play along with Pip at this week’s meme – “Blog HQ” and the idea of the theme comes from Ninon – so go and check her blog and the lovely things she makes… here

oh and just to show you what I have on my left – the back of my old computer which is occupied by my husband at the moment but I found some space for my most needed things while blogging…

to check where all other bloggers blog from and what their inspiration is go to Pip’s blog here



  1. >like me you need to have some sweet ole meaningful things close-by

  2. >oh, you make me wish i had a laptop…to curl up on the couch and read blogs all day :]

  3. >You definitely need that ceramic clowny train when you are blogging. It's totes a must have. Loving that you got a brand spanking new computer! Oh I would LOVE a new one! Mine has a rather lovely pink line running down the screen which is mildy perturbing! Have an ace day! xx

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