by izabela

>it is Saturday and as I want to play again I am going to show you what I keep by my bed…

as I have boxes full of yarn and on the window sill I have a little book shelf I decided to take a photo of one shelf (I know shelf again, but it is by my bed…)

there is yarn everywhere at home, old photos of my two older children, little note with a message from my husband from ages ago, dried flower from him, flu medicine (just recovered), Polish book with best Polish nursery rhymes, a card with Jesus and if you recognize there is a glass egg decorated with tatting technique which I bought some time ago in a charity shop… and bits which not necessary should be shown here but here they are…

if you’d like to see what are other people’s bedside spaces go here to Pip’s blog… and you will be amazed like me, knowing people from this side is really interesting…

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  1. >I love the practical and useful with the sentimental and inspirational! I'm pleased you played along too! Thanks for showing us your bedside 😉 xx

  2. >I love all the stuff on your bedside shelf.The tatted things are so charming. ofcourse its always a treat to look at other people's stash.

  3. >some lovely favourite treasures make it all the more meaningful..thank for sharing!

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