by izabela

>I don’t normally play memes… and it is not because I don’t like it, it is because I never got myself to do it and I think it is great fun…

this meme I found on Pip’s blog Hello! It’s Meet Me At Mikes and I think that is best to start with it as it is very new meme (for all the details go here) and this week’s theme is On The Shelf

I decided to take a photo of one of shelves (there is more shelves which I would consider mine, but that’s a different story) at home where everything is a bit of a treasury, like my books, old photos of my children, some gifts I got from my little ones and the rock from Jurassic we found in Poland… with the ammonite print…

so if you want to play or see other people’s shelves go here

and here is what’s on my shelf



  1. >Wow. That fossil is amazing! And look at your books – i don't know what half of them are, but they look interesting!!! Sweet family photos of sweet little people too! I am so glad you played! xx

  2. >I spy a clay pot I suspect to be made by one of your kiddies:) Love it…I'm an elementary art teacher and think it's great to see parents proudly displaying their kids art!

  3. >Ooh, I've never heard of this one before! Very cool. Might have to try it out 🙂

  4. >Pip, thanks for great meme! I love visiting your blog! Most of my books are in Polish and about all different sorts, ha…Nancy I love to display everything they make for me, I think children crafts are best and so spontaneous!thanks for popping over!

  5. >ah blue and white ceramic box, I love it .The pictures of the kids, their work and the other knic knack are heartwarming.

  6. >Yay for starting with the Meme's…I love your shelf. Especially the handmade items from the kiddos..So sweet!Now to go check out your beautiful crochet 🙂

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