by izabela

>ok it isn’t much but it is something…

I am loving Zauberball Sock Yarn and I almost finished this lovely shawl… just need to do an edge an weave in loose ends and will be put in my shop…

the colors are changing nicely shading so it is even better and it is machine washable (75% wool and 25% nylon) just dry flat… you can find better review on I Knit London blog – here

and I am making a skinny scarf from it as well… and the lovely swirl is my scarflette which needs something to tie it around the neck and I think it is going to be pom-pom…

as well check my new idea for nice hand warmers with a bow, the other thing I am finishing are mittens with a flower for a custom order…

and look at these lovely treasuries I got from Vintage Legacy Studio on etsy and I got this lovely handmade card with my order, too…


6 Comments to “>A LITTLE PROGRESS…”

  1. >If this is only a little bit of progress then I'm seriously impressed. Lots of lovely things here.

  2. >As always, they all look fab, don't your hands ache with all that crocheting?! My absolute fav is the skinny blue/green one, that wool and pattern looks fab!

  3. >thanks, the wool is the same as the rainbow one – Zauerball and I just love it, it is so soft 🙂

  4. >I adore the rainbow shawl!!

  5. >WIP lindo e cores fantásticas!Bom domingobjsNélia

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