by izabela

>recently finished and to be shipped tomorrow to the customer:

fingerless crochet mittens with a rose inspired by the very old times
I just love making them and then take photos
very very soft courtelle and soft cotton on the edge…

chocolate brown and turquoise…


  1. >Great mittens. I love the colours 🙂

  2. >Just gorgeous! Brown and turquoise is my absolute favourite mix of colours.

  3. >Look at how clever you are – they are gorgeous! I wish I could crochet like you. Thanks for your lovely comment about the dress – but you are definitely not rubbish, babe 🙂 K

  4. >Hi there thanks for the follow! Lovely blog and beautiful items you have. I love the colour combinations you are using on this. Regards Julia

  5. >Gorgeous…I may have to pester you for a bright orange pair to match my hair when I sort out my monies 🙂

  6. >Very beatiful, right now I´m working on mittens as well, and I guess I couldn´t visit your blog at any better moment (I´ve been looking for a patterns for shawls, too, so finding this was something very, very nice) Thank you :))Have a nice weekend!! Carolina

  7. >Moje ulubione kolorki 😉

  8. >I know you most likely sell these however, I was wondering where you learned how to make them. I am over at USA and would love to learn. Feel free to e mail me at miakayuki1984@yahoo.comThank you so much!! They are so pretty!!

  9. >I have been searching high and low for a crochet pattern to make these type of mittens with no luck and then I ran across your photos…which lead me to your blog. Do you know where such a pattern can be found and/or purchased? I'm desperate to know! lol

  10. >hiI am really close to write the pattern for my gloves as I had many requests already, but unfortunately it is not done yet, they were all made from my head :)when I will be ready I will definitely let you know I.x

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