by izabela

>some time agoI subscribed to Crochet Inside magazine to be always sure that I will get it so yesterday I got the newest issue in the post and to be absolutely honest my picky nature loves at least half of the projects there… soon I want to start on the top from the front page (but I can see it a bit different in my head already) and a few more…

and as recently I got very interested in dance (I need to loose almost a stone to feel better – my belly is always on my way…) I thought I am going back to do some yoga and some dance and my choice is belly dance – tribal fusion, I bought three DVD’s and first of them (Bellydance Arms & Posture by Rachel Brice) has arrived and after watching it few times can say that this one will be good for my start so I started…

apart from that I am trying YouTube and its videos to learn the movements but I don’t want to force my body too much…


my friend’s bolero is finished, delivered, but unfortunately the only photos I could take were quickly on me before giving it to her – you can try to imagine how it looks all together… πŸ™‚


2 Comments to “>YESTERDAY IN MY POST…”

  1. >wow the bolero looks fantastic! your friend is very lucky!

  2. >thank you! it does look a bit loose on me but she is much taller and bit bigger than me, but I like it πŸ™‚

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