by izabela


I have photos of the second part of the granny square swap I joined and I am so happy because all the squares are so gorgeous, Ali from Craftmatters sent me those squares and this yummy chocolate, I am going to join all the squares together to have memorable cushion as I love crocheted home accessories…

And if anybody would like to know what I have sent, the ones below here are me-made…

first batch, in winter colors, went to Caroline from Seawood Designs

and second all natural colors – to Sam from Incywincy Stitches


recently I have no time for being active in the blogosphere, but I know it is only temporary, but thanks to all the lovely people for buying from me and becoming my customers because now I can crochet more and for people, this was the pair of custom sized crochet slippers, so if you are not happy with what high street has to offer you give me a shout and any size and color can be made for you…

and if you have cold feet all year round like me, these are really best… wool, mohair, acrylic, lovely soft and warm…

I must confess… maybe for some time I wasn`t showing any plants or flowers here, but I still love them and one day I pinched the two tops of this plant (hoya variegata) in one local antique shop (I hope the owners don`t read my blog ;p) because what makes me the most happy is growing plants from being the baby or bringing old plants to life… so I was a thief… but I promise I didn`t damage the mother plant at all…

soon potting time…


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