by izabela

>let`s stop the train again and talk about the very creative seller from Coriander… Creativesque – Stacey-Ann designs funky gift tags, bookmarks, greeting cards but as well paints with watercolors

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you can visit her website here – Creativesque

and this is what she says about herself:

Hi, I am an artist, illustrator and mum of two gorgeous little ones. I live in London, England and I love drawing, colouring in and making stuff. My main tools are paper, card, watercolour paints, black ink pens and my sewing machine.

People inspire me and so do my surroundings. I love drawing and painting faces because I find them fascinating. I enjoy sending my work out into the world and seeing what happens and I try to offer only the work that I’ve enjoyed creating. In this way I hope to do my bit to make the world go round and make it a happier place for my children to live in as they grow.

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