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May 18, 2009


by izabela


if you don`t know Dig The Earth yet – this is what he says about himself:

Dig The Earth is based in Yorkshire, UK and produces vibrant handmade cards with high eco-credentials. All cards are printed locally on 100% recycled card, and come with 100% recycled envelopes inside biodegradable corn starch ‘cello’ bags. Who said green had to be dull!

I first seen the cards on Coriander site and I think the designs are so colorful and vibrant, even if some things are just in black, doesn`t change it, they are funky and alive… and they are eco-friendly as they are made of recycled materials!

so looking for a card? for an original gift? or you are environment supporter? if you answered yes at least once – then visit their shop:

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you may want to know more about Dig The Earth you can find the blog just here


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