by izabela

>I know that it happened last week but you know me – so many things to do, so little time for it… Sanka from Sankwo Wloczkowo has given me this lovely award and I feel so chuffed because I found her blog and fallen in love with all the cats she makes only not long ago and I would give the award to her as well but I have so many other friendly bloggers to give it to that I will not do it…

rules as always, blog about it if you can, pass the award to your friendly eight…

please also check this great photo tutorial on how to make recycled bicycle basket with handmade crochet hook and some fabric scraps… this is absolutely awesome and you can find it here don`t be afraid of polish language, because there is no need to know it, as the pictures say everything you need to know…

I am awarding as follows:


also two weeks ago my slippers were featured by Molly on her Saturday Six on her blog Blackberry Crafts, thank you again Molly 🙂

and today I discovered by accident that couple of days ago my flower rings featured on this blog as well

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6 Comments to “>AWARDED AGAIN…”

  1. >Hello Izabela,the slippers and the rings are lovely……I so love your crocheted things. I'm glad you're getting ready to use the braid….I can't wait to see! And thank you for the 'friends' award….it still amazes me, how we all become friends in our blogs, from so far away! I read your post about stopping breastfeeding and was transported back a few years. My girls are 11 and 13 now, but i still remember when they stopped feeding…such mixed feelings….relief in some ways as I fed both until they were 18 months so was still feeding my first when I was pregnant again!….but sort of bittersweet feelings….it's such a special thing. But you'll both be fine….they seem to be flexible little people who adapt easily thank goodness. Nicki x

  2. >Oh, gees, I love the blog with the knitted cats!! I would love one of those but I don't read the language. 😦

  3. >Dziękuję za przemiłego posta o moich dziergankach, jest mi naprawdę niezmiernie miło :DPozdrawiam serdecznie i bardzo wiosennie.

  4. >Hi Izabela – thank you for the award! It's a really lovely one.Your slippers are great and I love the rose rings – so pretty!

  5. >Izabela, thanks so much for the award – as usual I am so impressed by all the lovely things you are making at the moment.

  6. >Oh my gosh, those slippers look soooo comfy, and the rings?? Coolest.Rings.Ever! Good for you!

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