by izabela


a little off topic but last night was the first night without nursing… my little boy is not so little anymore, almost 15 months and for last month he was still nursing early morning (like 4am) everyday but I just thought we have to stop… so last night when he woke up about 4 I have taken him to my bed and hugged and then he cried and cried and finally fell asleep… so I am expecting same situation is going to happen again, but we will get through this… if anyone knows any good tips for this hard time let me know…


5 Comments to “>BYE BYE MUMMY`S MILK…”

  1. >Only give up if you are sure, NOT because you think you should. I BF till mine was nearly 2. If you DO really want to then do as you are doing, wear a T shirt or something so he cant get to you & knows milk is now out of bounds. He will get over it eventually!

  2. >I am pretty much in the same place with my 2nd little man. He is almost 14 months now. He still loves it at night but can go all day w/o it. My oldest who is almost 3, stopped at 14 months. He was nursing at night and in the early morning to stay asleep for the last month. Then he just kinda started to unlatch and fall asleep on his own after only a minute of nursing. So, I am hoping Eli does the same but I think he may go over 14 months. He is always hungry. But, I just wanted to let you know that I am sooo there with you on this!

  3. >I agree that it is a huge step. I can't have any more children and really miss the days I was able to breastfeed. It is such a special time between you and your baby….

  4. >I'm not a Mum and I know nothing of babies, I just wanted to say that I hope it all goes ok for you and you little one xxxxx

  5. >Are you sure?I fed Elizabeth until she turned two and then thought that because she was dry she really was a big girl and big girls don't have boobie, Francesca was 15 months and decided she didn't want it anymore, Nathaniel will be two in june and has just stopped by himslef this week. A new baby is expected in our house in September so am not too unhappy about stopping with my little man. Do what feels right for you both. Just remember after a week or so you can't change your mind!Hope it all goes well for you xxx

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