by izabela

>what I have been up to recently?

well celebrating Easter, of course…

and made this lovely doily for my sister`s good`s basket

14 Comments to “>EASTER GONE…”

  1. >Lol – miałaś prawdziwe pisankowe Święta :)Śliczna święconka – po cichu zazdroszczę ;)pozdrawiamMonia

  2. >The doily looks lovely! I bought a few old (and very stained!!) doilies from a local charity shop…..I really like the patterns and thought I'd dye them. looks like you had a lovely easter! Nicki x

  3. >we had spent a gorgeous time being as lazy as the holiday can be… enough time to do something 😉

  4. >Beautiful pictures. Very very sweet!I hope it was a Blessed Easter for you all!

  5. >looks like you had a lovely time. Beautiful doily!xxx

  6. >I do wish I could crochet like you! The doily is simply beautiful, you've a lucky sister!

  7. >That,s so beautiful, love the family altogether at a table, so many families forget how important it is to eat together.

  8. >the doily is gorgeous! And those EGGS! The colors are amazing!

  9. >That is a very beautiful doily!! Gx

  10. >Lovely photos and that is a beautiful doily.

  11. >The doily is beautiful! Hope you had a lovely Easter.

  12. >Glad you had a good Easter! I miss dying eggs…haven't done it for years.

  13. >We completely missed egg dying this year and I was sad.. I'm glad I got to peek in on yours!

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