by izabela

>yes it is gone now, but I wanted to share nice things that happened to me on that day…

wiem ze piatek juz dawno minal, ale chcialam tylko podzielic sie tym co mnie w tym dniu spotkalo…

I love blogging and the thing that you can meet fantastic people here as well… one day I met Nicki she writes blog here and even she just started blogging I love to visit to read every post… but look what treasuries Nicki sent me:

uwielbiam blogowanie i to, ze ta droga mozna poznac cudownych ludzi… pewnego dnia poznalam Nicki, pisze ona od niedawna bloga i nawet jesli dopiero blogowac zaczela to uwielbiam tam zagladac i czytac kazdy post… no ale zobaczcie co od Nicki dostalam:

beautiful braid and some lovely vintage buttons and an owl badge (I didn`t show it to my son yet, because he will take it and want to keep it to myself)

przesliczna kolorowa szeroka lamowka pare slicznych starych guzikow i przypinka z sowka (nie pokazalam jeszcze synowi bo mi zabierze a chcialam zatrzymac dla siebie)

I know what I will sent her back but this is a surprise so shhh…

wiem juz co jej wysle w zamian ale to niespodzianka wiec cicho sza…

I got in the post fantastic book about making resin jewelry – Create Your Own Resin Jewelry, written by Kerry ( Pennydog Accessories) and now when I read it all I know that it will be better if I wait for the summer when children go to Poland for summer holidays to start learning and trying a couple of designs from there… anyway I got there more information about making resin jewelry than I could find on the net… so advisable…

poza tym poczta przyszla tez ksiazka o tworzeniu bizuterii z zywicy – Create Your Own Resin Jewelry, napisana przez Kerry (Pennydog Accessories) i teraz kiedy ja przeczytalam, stwierdzilam, ze musze zaczekac do wakacji, kiedy to dzieci pojada do Polski do dziadkow, zeby zaczac sie z niej uczyc… w kazdym razie w ksiazce znalazlam informacje ktorych w necie znalezc nie moglam… wiec polecam…

and on my way to school there are two charity shops which I visit frequently but never really found anything interesting but this time I found that – 3 vintage knitting pattern magazines Vogue Knitting with some awesome vintage patterns (not that I knit a lot but…) and one crochet magazine and some lovely stranded cotton – which I already used for something funny:

a po drodze do szkoly mam dwa sklepy charytatywne do ktorych bardzo czesto wchodze ale nic jeszcze sczegolnego nie znalazlam, tym razem jednak znalazlam – 3 stare magazyny z wzorami na druty Vogue Knitting z przeslicznymi vintage wzorami (nie zebym jakos szczegolnie duzo robila na drutach, ale…) i jeden ze wzorami na szydelko a takze troche muliny – ktora juz prawie zuzylam na cos bardzo fajnego:


ooops I did again…
apologies to you Nicki for calling you Nancy, there is this little girl my neighbour`s daughter – sometimes my kids play with her and I have her name stuck in my head… few months ago I said Ania is from Worcester when she is from Winchester, my brain seems to go funny with things I am checking twice or more, like names (I always have to check it few times as I never remember them I remember shapes colors and numbers but not names, urgh…)


5 Comments to “>FRIDAY THE 13TH…”

  1. >Hi, the braid and buttons look good in their photo! can't wait to see what you make….LOVE the little crochet rings too, they're very sweet. love nicki x ( not nancy, although I rather like the name!!! My writing must be terrible!! x)

  2. >Hello,I love old patterns and charity shops!Great crochet rings, so pretty.

  3. >Izabela….I'm fine really….and no problems with any post from you. It's so nice that we can all meet new friends in blogland…it's something I find rather wonderful. I just feel like I said too much to someone and feel a bit silly. It'll be fine…I'll just have to laugh it off and be a grown up (very difficult sometimes!!) hope you're well and having fun with the braid. nicki x

  4. >Those rings are fab!

  5. >Very cute! I love those crochet rings!

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