>NOVEMBER the 1st

by izabela

we did not celebrate 30th October – the Halloween tradition… I do not really want to offend anyone but I don`t personally like it, I know it is funny, scary, colorful and happy… but the way I believe doesn`t go together with it… my children seeing other kids really wanted to go and do trick or treat and how to explain to them that we do not do this? fortunately for me my daughter was listening to the radio (! – she is 9) and on BBC1, I suppose, someone said “do not let your children go for trick or treat All Saints day and we suppose to be in Poland to visit graves of our family members and friends (but the chicken pox virus made us stay), and in Poland this day is very important:


3 Comments to “>NOVEMBER the 1st”

  1. >I have different traditions for Halloween too. We call it Samhain. But I went to my sister's and got the kids ready to go out trick or treating. Then I ended up being the one at the door handing out candy too. Wasn't how I planned the night but seldom do things go according to plan. 🙂 My own way to celebrate Oct. 31st is to remember the people in my past and think about the year ahead. It's not picture perfect, but I was able to do that while handing out candy. I think it is much easier to keep your own traditions on holidays when you are in a family/ group all doing the same.

  2. >What an interesting picture. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  3. >Really love your blog. I've just started knitting so lovely to see your gorgeous creations.L X

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