by izabela

The beret (first I ever made) came up rather as a slouchy hat and I added a peak (as I love them) and it is not finished yet, I am gonna add something on it to make it nicer and eye-catching, at least I`ll try…

Beret wyszedl calkiem inaczej niz planowalam ale dodalam daszek (bo bardzo mi sie podobaja) i nie jest jeszcze zupelnie skonczony, zamierzam dodac cos co troszke upiekszy i umili, a przynajmniej sprobuje…

and the pattern for the crochet beret is not my own design I found it on Crochet Today free patterns website and it is called Bejeweled Beret, my one I did a little bit different way to fit my expectations…

wzor na beret nie jest mojego projektu – znalazlam go na stronie Crochet Today free patterns i nazywa sie Bejeweled Beret, oczywiscie moja wersje nieco zmienilam zeby dopasowac go do moich oczekiwan…

and I like the pattern so much that I have started another one…

a wzor tak mi sie spodobal ze zaczelam nowy…


4 Comments to “>SUNDAY TIME AND BERET”

  1. >Wow ~ I'm impressed! Beautiful beret! How long did it take you to make this? Hope you are able to sell your items at events etc. ~ they are very cool!

  2. >thank you… I hope so, as I am going to my first craft fair soon! the beret doesn`t take too long to make but its quite hard to say as I make few rows and then have to come back later…

  3. >bajerancki ten kaszkiecik!pomyślałam o podobnym z tej włoczki cieniowanej którą mi przysłałaś. muszę tylko obmysleć wersję drucianą i zrobić próby

  4. >That's a pretty good looking beret, it doesn't seem to look as made by someone who hasn't done it before, you're good! I enjoyed viewing your creations here and the pics of your cute child. Btw, thanks for the visit.Random ThoughtsMira's Web JournalA Moment to ExhaleMy Barefoot JourneyMy Kitchen TableScrappy Mommy

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