by izabela

>Since I have updated my mozilla, on Friday night, whenever I open any blogspot website I get the message about phishing… is there anybody who can tell me why would I steal my own details? I am kidding of course but there is definitely something wrong with blogger and not with my antivirus indeed…


One of my friends sent me a tea, raspberry leaf tea, you best start drinking it when you 37 weeks pregnant (though some people say you can drink it earlier in pregnancy) and it is known for helping your body to go easier through all labour process, I don`t know how much true is in it but I have been drinking it before and I had a very short second stage of labour in both deliveries so I am drinking it now as well cause I am hoping it is gonna work…

I promised her I will sent her something for her baby (born in November) and decided to knit cuff bootees from the Simply Baby knitting book by Debbie Bliss, this is a very quick and nice project and easy to follow instructions even for a foreigner like me, ha…

check yourself, aren`t they cute?

and I would like to show you a little progress of a Spring Doily as it is not going so perfect, I used different thread for the different color on the petals and it is all so curly now… :[
but I am not gonna give up because I have got some ideas to help it so keep your fingers crossed…


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