by izabela

>I have finished very nice White Baby Blanket, I did not use the yarn as is in the pattern because I simply did not have it… but the one I used hopefully is gonna work well because things for Baby need washing very often and probably in higher temperature and this one is called wash`n`wear…
it is a little bit thinner so it makes it sheer and I think that is gonna be great for spring and summer time – cannot really wait to wrap my Little One with this this nice blanket…

The other thing I have finished recently are Baby Booties I improvised and I just started them like half January… but the ones I started in the beginning of this year are stuck in one point and I cannot find the way to finish them… I mean I can see them in my mind but as soon as I get a hook in my hand I am loosing all ideas – oh well… they will have to wait.

And this is how looks the mysterious design for the baby now, any ideas?

and finally first of charity knitting begun:


One Comment to “>FINALLY”

  1. >What beautiful knitting and crocheting you do! I think that the blanket is gorgous and I cannot wait to see the finished something for baby, I have a friend sue in July, and I am trying to find the perfect baby gift for her!

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