by izabela

>There is a fantastic film, the life story about Italian Jew, Guido that always makes me laugh, always makes me smile and always makes my tears drop I don`t know how many times I see it… and what last night I missed it, I know that me watching telly regularly will never happen but this? How could this happen to me? I was able to watch the last half hour of this film so at least I could be there again for this short moment… eeeh…

Anyway it is not what I really wanted to tell you, one of my orchids I luckily saved from the skip in the place i work, more than two years ago is going to flower. I had it for more than a year and last Christmas started flowering and the flowers lasted like three months… absolutely amazing… and guess what – it is gonna have flowers again and I am gonna show them to all of you… just wait… and as well other orchid is going to bloom at the same time but it is the first time in my place so I am really excited about it.

And as I don`t feel well (I have got plenty of time but my all-day-sickness keeps me almost all day in bed in horizontal position :[ …) I cannot even knit or crochet too much, what is so painful to me, wasting all this lovely time I could be doing more things for my children…

but there is a little progress…

Green Baby Jumper needs only a hood (or other finishing but I want hood – if I only be able to knit it ha)

and the Something For The Baby is, I am more than sure, still a surprise for you ;]


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