by izabela


This is the beginning of the latest post on Stitch and Bitch London Blog I just read (I don`t do much lately apart from reading my favorites blogs and lying on the sofa), calling all knitters and crocheters interested in contributing 9 inches big squares to join together and build a huge baby blanket where every square represents one newborn baby, left without mother, because of lack of healthcare in Africa and South Asia… The squares can be sent by 1st August 2008 with all your details…

I am going to contribute, I know I cannot say: I will make so many… but I will make as many as I can, this is the least I can do…

Now, I am sorry, but my all-day-sickness and back pain are telling me: go to bed, go to bed…



  1. >hi there, thanks for the comment, it's nice to meet the people who read my blog.I think I can knit a couple of squares, thanks for the info.

  2. >I think I'll be knitting a few squares too. It's nice to do a bit of charity stuff 🙂

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